Peoria police arrest men suspected of stealing air conditioners

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck
William Douglas Anthony By Mike Gertzman William Douglas Anthony By Mike Gertzman
Kenneth Clubb By Mike Gertzman Kenneth Clubb By Mike Gertzman
William Allen Anthony By Mike Gertzman William Allen Anthony By Mike Gertzman

PEORIA, Ariz. -- Peoria police have arrested three men they believe are responsible for the theft of 16 air conditioning units in the area. Authorities apprehended the suspects on Tuesday on burglary charges.

Police had noticed that the theft of air conditioners from vacant homes had risen in the past few weeks. The Peoria Police Department’s Impact Team began searching the Leads Online database, which provides information on scrap metal transactions.

Authorities noticed that William Douglas Anthony, 20, was involved in a transaction and had an address that was central to the air conditioning thefts. His vehicle also matched the description of a car seen at one of the burglaries.

Officers began conducting surveillance on Anthony, and pulled him over after reportedly watching him commit a burglary. Kenneth Clubb, 23, was also in the vehicle at the time. Both men were taken into custody.

Anthony and Clubb went on to confess to several burglaries, and were linked to a total of 16 crimes.  They also implicated Anthony’s uncle, William Allen Anthony, 33, who was subsequently arrested.

Police say all three men would look for homes with for sale signs and then monitor the property for a while. They would eventually walk into the back yard and dismantle the air conditioning unit and take radiator and copper pipes.

Police are reminding everyone to monitor the vacant homes in their neighborhood and report and suspicious activity.