UPDATE: Woman gets van back after 15 months

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- A Phoenix woman has been without a car for more than a year because it's been in the repair shop for that long.

It's hard to believe your vehicle being in the shop for nearly 15 months, but that's what happened to Frances Sanchez Osborne. After she contacted 3 On Your Side, she finally got her van back.

"Now we can come and go as we please," she said.

Osborne said she feels like she has her freedom back now. It's quite a difference from when she was first profiled in 3 On Your Side.

Osborne was upset because her van had been at Sun Valley Towing for more than a year.

Sun Valley Towing was supposed to have installed a new engine for $1,100. Osborne paid a $400 deposit back in February 2011 but said work was never done and the van simply sat.

“I'm like, 'OK, why am I still waiting?'” she said.

In our first report, the owner of Sun Valley Towing told us that he had a lot of business and personal problems which kept him from working on Osborne's van. However, after our visit, he promised to get her van running and returned.

“At first I didn't think it was even there so when I saw it on the news I was pleased," Osborne said. "And when they brought it over everybody was happy.”

Osborn said after a year she's glad her only transportation has been returned and is running. It even has a new radiator along with other repairs.
“I don't have to depend on other people anymore, I don't have to sit and wait," she said. "Going to the grocery store isn't going to be a problem anymore."

By the way, Sun Valley Towing did make all those repairs without charging her anymore than the $400 deposit. Thanks, Sun Valley Towing.