Blind Oklahoma dog gets guide dog

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TULSA, Okla. -- A blind dog is getting a new lease on life thanks to another four-legged friend, who has become his guide dog.

Two-year-old Tanner is not only blind, but has epileptic seizures that cause him to lose control of his bodily functions. When his adoptive owner died, Tanner's seizures got worse. He was then brought to Woodland West Animal Hospital in Tulsa, Okla.

"I can tell you more than one time I've recommended putting Tanner to sleep," said Dr. Mike Jones of Woodland West Animal Hospital.

But then comes along a stray named Blair. She was shot in the leg while living on the streets. The 1-year-old black Labrador mix was a nervous wreck until she and Tanner bonded in the play yard.

“Blair all of a sudden seemed to realize that Tanner was blind and just started to help him around," Jones said. "The two of them together have had a remarkable synergistic effort."

So not only does Tanner have a guide dog, his seizures have also gotten less frequent. Blair has come out of her shell and is more friendly.

"They're pretty much inseparable at this point," Jones said.

Shelter officials hope they can be adopted as a pair.