3OYS helps homeowner settle insurance claim

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EL Mirage, Ariz. -- When Carlos Murillo was first profiled in a 3 On Your Side report nearly three weeks ago, he had one heck of a problem.

He had just finished signing paperwork and closing on his new El Mirage home, when he walked into the backyard to discover someone had stolen his air conditioner.

He hadn't even moved in yet.

Carlos told 3 On Your Side, "You buy a new home and you're so excited and then you see something like that. It's just devastating."

3 On Your Side looked into the matter and discovered that, ironically, Carlos' home had dual insurance coverage to pay for a new air conditioner.

In other words, Carlos insured the home with Ameriprise while the seller still had the house insured with MetLife, when the air conditioner was stolen. Both insurance companies eventually agreed to split the cost of replacing the air conditioner.

While Ameriprise paid Carlos nearly $1,700 for its half of the claim, MetLife also paid $1,700.

However, Metlife made its check out to Bank of America which was the previous mortgage holder for the seller and MetLife claimed it was unable to issue another without B of A on the check.

"I watch 3TV all the time. My dad watches it and he was like, "Why don't you email Gary Harper? Maybe he can help you out."

3 On Your Side contacted MetLife, which told us their hands were tied and wouldn't issue another check.

So, stuck with the current check, I contacted Bank of America and asked them to not only sign off on the check and authorize cashing it, but I also asked them to give the money to Carlos.

After all, Bank of America had nothing to do with the house anymore.

And you know what? They did. They authorized the cashing of the $1,700 check made out to them and Carlos received the money.  

Now, with almost $4,000 in insurance money, Carlos says he can get a new air conditioner.

"I am very excited and I am very happy.  We are going to get an A/C now."