Expert packing tips

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PHOENIX -- The summer travel season is almost here. Do you know what you're taking with you when you head out of town? Can you fit everything you need (want) into a single carry-on?

Packing expert Jeff Herold can help you do just that. He travels in one suitcase when going on two-week trips with his wife.

Herold, also an entrepreneur, said there are two important keys to packing effectively -- packing modules and folding.

Planning is important, as well. You should be able to wear every item you take with every other item you take -- mixing and matching at its finest.

Herold suggests you give yourself plenty of time to pack. It can take a bit of time to get it just right.

When folding your clothes, fold to fit the back. Just keep compressing, Herold says.

The right luggage will go a long way in making packing easier. That's where packing modules come in. One the modules are packed, they should fit easily into your bag, keeping everything organized and compact.

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