Hundreds turn out for child-safety event

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PHOENIX -- It takes just seconds to fingerprint a child and to snap his or her picture -- life-saving seconds that could make a difference when a child goes missing.

Hundreds of people came out to TruWest Credit Union in South Gilbert to do just that Saturday, as part of a 3TV community outreach event in partnership with TruWest Credit Union.  The goal: Prepare parents for the worst-case scenario so they have the tools that can be used in those crucial moments and hours after a child goes missing.  Each child was digitally fingerprinted and photographed. The information went into a kit, all free of charge.

"The entire kit goes home with the family," explained  Mandy Minette with TruWest Credit Union. "And in case something ever does happen to a child, the kit is then turned into authorities and it is uploaded and spread across the country in case things need to be searched across the country."

Many parents heard about the safety event thanks to fliers sent home from school.  The recent news of missing 6-year-old Isabel Celis from Tucson, has also been on the mind of concerned parents.

"We've been praying for her to be safely found. Being almost the same as the girl, it really scares me," said Alicia Palomino, mother of three. 

Stephanie Coon also has three children. She was thrilled to hear the fingerprinting kits were being offered for free.

"It breaks my heart about the little girl in Tucson," she explained. "I just want my kids to be safe and this is the best way to do it."