Man who threw rocks, concrete at dog arrested

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- A Phoenix man was arrested after a police officer witnessed him throwing rocks and pieces of concrete wall at a dog in a backyard.

Police say an officer responded to the neighborhood southeast of 59th Avenue and Thomas Road after someone called them to report a dog barking and yelping. 

When officers arrived at the home, they witnessed Omar Beltran Nunez, 32, throwing large rocks and a piece concrete wall at a dog.  The officer described the man throwing the rocks and concrete pieces like a "baseball pitcher."

During the incident, the dog was trying to move out of the way, but it was tied to two tires with a piece of wire.  When the officer ordered Nunez to stop throwing the rocks, he would not. 

At one point, Nunez picked up a shovel and swung it at the dog, but eventually threw the shovel aside and went into his home.

When officers tried to get Nunez to come out of the home, he refused.  He finally came out of the home and was placed under arrest after a short struggle with officers.

When asked why he was abusing the dog, Nunez stated that the dog had run away the night before and that he bit his daughter on the head about a year ago.

The dog is now at the Arizona Humane Society. It is a lab-shepherd mix and is named Oso.

Nunez faces an animal cruelty charge. He also had several misdemeanor warrants for his arrest.