New app makes your car sound hot

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PHOENIX -- So, you're driving a hybrid or something similar to get great gas mileage, but you're a little disappointed in the sound -- or lack thereof -- coming from that tailpipe. Well, there's an app for that!

A local company has invented an app that makes your car sound like it has a lot more horsepower. The company is called and the app is called XLR8 as in accelerate.

All you do is put the phone in a cradle, attach it to your stereo, select the car you want yours to sound like and you'll be amazed at the sound coming through your cars speakers.

You can pick from a Camaro, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ford GT or even a NASCAR.

The Camaro sound is 99 cents; all five cars are $5. It's available both for the iPhone and Android devices.

The company used real sports cars to get the realistic sounds and it took six people about two months to design, program and produce the app. also makes video and phone games. One of the more popular is the Ricky Carmichael's Motocross Matchup Pro.

The company is also working on a Jeremy McGrath game set to enter the market within a few weeks.