Principal loses job after scandalous kissing video surfaces

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QUARTZSITE, Ariz. -- A school principal and his assistant are both out of a job after students caught them passionately kissing on school grounds, during school hours.

The parents and the students fear the incident will give their school bad reputation.

Cindy Joans said the cell phone video forced her to pull her daughter out of The Scholars Academy in Quartzsite, a small town about 130 miles west of Phoenix.

"Totally uncalled for. They're supposed to be role models for our students there," said Joans.

"This is on school campus, with our children present, while they are there, while these two are being paid. They are supposed to be educating our children," said parent, Erin Joslin.

The cell phone video was captured last week by 16-year-old Myranda Garber.

"At first we could only see their legs, but they were obviously doing something. I got my phone out to angle it to see their bodies," said Garber.

The principal and the secretary referred us to their lawyer, who had no comment.

A school board member, Donna Dole, confirmed the principal resigned and the secretary was dismissed on Wednesday night.

According to the school's website, McClenning is in his 12th year as an educator in the Quartzsite community. In "The Principal's Corner" of the website, McClenning states, "I assure you that I will do my best to make sure your child will have the best educational experience possible."

Some parents aren't happy that the last day for McClenning and his secretary isn't until June 30th, 2012.

"It’s a privilege to resign if anything they should have been fired," said concerned parent Tanda Bastin.

Student Joseph Hager, 18, said the principal was like a father to him. "Someone could say they are two adults doing their own thing, that’s their lives and I totally agree with that, but it's the choices they make on when to do and where to do it and appropriateness," said Hager.

The parents said the principal and his secretary are both married to other people and both have children.

A representative for the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools told 3TV that the organization that holds the charter for The Scholars Academy handles disciplinary action for faculty members. Principal McClenning is the president of that organization.