Roofing company agrees to finish job

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- A Phoenix woman says she paid to have her roof repaired but claims the job was never finished.

Blanca Gutierrez said she takes great pride in maintaining her Phoenix home, but a hail storm in 2010 caused a lot of roof damage.

"All of the sudden, it came down and it was like these rock things," she said. "At one point, I thought the patio was going to go."

So, last June, Gutierrez called around for estimates to get her roof fixed and says she wound up hiring a roofing salesman by the name of Shannon Coultas.

After doing an inspection Gutierrez said Coultas drew up a contract and then asked for $7,200 up front.

"He dropped by my house," she said. "He came over with another guy and it was intimidating 'cause he wanted the whole amount that the insurance had given me, $7,000."

Gutierrez signed the contract, but said Coultas made a strange request.

He marked out Littleton Roofing on the contract and wrote I Deal Roofing, claiming the name of the company had changed.

And that's exactly who Gutierrez made the check out to, I Deal Roofing.

After that, Gutierrez said one day's worth of work was performed and then repairs abruptly stopped.

"I gave him a call, I gave him a call, I gave him a call -- nothing," she said.

So, Gutierrez called Littleton Roofing, the number on the contract.

"They told me that he doesn't work for the company anymore and they are not responsible," she said.

3 On Your Side got involved and Littleton Roofing told us that Coultas did in fact work for them at one time but was fired and they were not responsible for Gutierrez's job because payment wasn't made to them.

So, since the check was made to I Deal Roofing, we contacted them.

I Deal Roofing, as turns out, is actually licensed under the name of "I Do Dealings Roofing Company," which has an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.

I Do Dealings tells us they too employed Coultas for a short period and paid him to find roofing jobs like Gutierrez's.

But, although they deposited Gutierrez's check, they claim they never knew her job actually existed until we brought it to their attention.

As a result, I Deal or I Do Dealings Roofing said it intends on completing the job and has already started on it, which is good news for Gutierrez.

"Obviously, it is an expensive job," she said. "I can't afford to pull out money from anywhere to repair the job that has already been paid for."

So, where is Coultas? 3 On Your Side tracked him down to Illinois where he is federal custody for drug possession.

When Gutierrez's roof is done, we'll do a follow-up report.