Sleepy Cactus Jack charms GMAZ staff

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PHOENIX -- He's the 8-week-old puppy that has become a media darling thanks to an unfortunate predicament -- an encounter with a Cholla cactus.

His name is Cactus Jack and he's going up for adoption later this morning at the Arizona's Humane Society's Sunnyslope facility.

The seriously cute terrier-mix spent most of his visit to 3TV snoozing, but even snoring little puppy snores, he charmed Kaley O'Kelley and Javier Soto.

The little dog's claim to fame is his unintentional impression of a porcupine. Cactus Jack was found stuck in a Cholla cactus. By the time the EAMTs arrived, the people who found the puppy had already moved dozens of cactus spines, nearly a 5-gallon bucket full.

Although he was covered head to tail in the sharp spines for which Chollas are known, Cactus Jack suffered only minor injuries and seems no worse for his misadventure.

Vets checked to make sure none of the spines damaged the puppy's eyes and prescribed medication to stave off infection. Now Cactus Jack is good to go.

Jason Bannecker, 3TV

People gathered early in hopes of making Cactus Jack a part of their families.

There are already dozens of people who are interested in taking Cactus Jack home, so there will be a drawing for him. If you don't get Cactus Jack, both AHS and Maricopa County Animal Care and Control have plenty of other animals in need of forever homes.