Top identity theft scams

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- It's the oldest trick in the book, but according to people still fall for it.

It's called Phishing. Scammers send you an email posing as your bank and claim your account has been compromised.

You're supposed to reply with your username and password, but you're really giving your information to a scammer.  

Pretexting is next on the list. It works just like phishing except the scammer calls you, poses as a bank representative and tricks you into giving up personal information.

Skimming is another popular method used to steal your identity.  

A scammer places a small device on an ATM and when your swipe your card, your information including your PIN are stolen. 

You can't forget about dumpster diving, which is one of the original ways used to steal your identity.

Thieves go through your garbage looking for bills and credit card applications you threw away then use the information.

Old-time theft works pretty good.

Set your purse down for just a minute and that's all it takes for someone to walk off and later assume your identity with what they found inside.

And, finally, there's the old change of address scam where criminals have the post office redirect or forward your mail to them where they go through your bills and gather information they need to start using your identity.