5 Reasons people are not buying electric cars

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PHOENIX -- People were fascinated with electric cars when they first came out, especially when gas prices were so high. We're back to those high prices, but people are less enamored with the electric car, opting instead for scooters, motorcycles or lower-priced cars with great gas mileage.

Jim Prueter of AAA Arizona talked about car-buying trends with 3TV's Scott Pasmore, explaining why people aren't snapping up electric vehicles. He pointed to a recent survey that indicated 50 percent of people are not willing to shell out the extra bucks for an environmentally product.

1. Electric cars are expensive, both in terms of purchase price and maintenance should problems arise.

2. Electric vehicles have a limited driving range. A fully charged Leaf, for example, can only go 75 to 100 miles -- less if the air conditioner is on. On top of that, charging stations aren't always easily found and charging time is significant.

3. The environmental benefits have not yet been proved.

4. Manufactures are coming out with gas-powered vehicles that get 40 miles per gallon and are less expensive -- by quite a bit.

5. The U.S. might not be the right place for electric vehicles.