Jesus' Award Winning Burger

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10oz. patty
Julianne poblano peppers (roasted, skinned and seeded)
Jalapeño peppers (roasted, skinned and seeded)
Pecorino cheese
Roasted sun dried tomatoes
Zaatar rubbed pork belly
Pickled onion
Arugula salad
Garlic aioli
Olive as garnish

Cook patty just below desired temperature, add Julianne poblano, jalapeño peppers and pecorino cheese on top and melt in oven. Smother buns with garlic aioli and toast them on flat top until golden brown. Place gratineed patty on top of the bottom bun, add pork belly, tomatoes and onions. Toss arugula in e.v.o.o. and a pinch of fleur de sol. top the burger with salad and top bun. Pierce burger with a prism pick and olive.