PD: Man breaks into Peoria homes, steals police car

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PEORIA, Ariz. -- A man was arrested Tuesday morning after he allegedly broke into several Peoria homes, stole an SUV, and even a police patrol car.

Jay Davies with the Peoria Police Department said Nicholas Fields first broke into a house near 87th Avenue and Deer Valley Road. He stole the keys to a Lexus SUV, and then backed out through the garage door, Davis said.

Police then received a call that Fields had broken into another house on the 8900 block of West Salter.

Stan Savoia lives in the home, and said he was watching television when he heard a big boom.

"I came out of my bedroom and I saw him standing at my staircase at the bottom and I was on top, " Savoia said. "I told him, 'Stop right there I have a gun.' I did have a gun but I didn't have it in my hand."

Savoia brought Fields up to his bedroom but that is when Fields realized Savoia didn't have a gun.

"Then he got a little aggressive with me and yelling and screaming but he didn't make contact," Savoia said." He went in my garage, tried to open my door but I had locked the door with my keys. He says give me your damn car keys and I said no. Then he just took off across the fences."

Savoia was not hurt, and nothing of his was stolen.

"I'm glad my daughter wasn't home."

Fields ran through backyards and front yards on Lone Cactus Road before being arrested. He was then placed in the back of a police patrol car.

"Somehow he ended up slipping out of his cuffs, getting control of the police car, and he took off from there," Davies said.

Officers saw him near 83rd Avenue and Bell. He was traveling at a low rate of speed, when he ran into another patrol car at 75th Avenue and Thunderbird.

Fields was arrested again. He was booked on numerous charges.