3OYS helps Anthem woman remove $12,000 judgment

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

ANTHEM, Ariz. -- Brette Tamid owns and operates a food delivery service. It's a business she may expand down the road.

So, she got online and decided to check her credit report and she was shocked at what she found.

Brette tells 3 On Your Side, "The only way for me to have this removed is to hire an attorney to have someone remove this colossal error."

That colossal error is a $12,500 judgment that was filed against her, the result of a repossessed car.

But, Brette says the car wasn't hers. It was her boyfriend's vehicle.

"Well, he loved it. It was his baby. He bought it when we lived in New York."

Brette says she had no connection to the car, saying she never co-signed the loan, she never filled out any paperwork and she certainly never drove the car.

However, when her boyfriend lost his job and couldn't make the payments anymore, the car was repossessed by the finance company called Capital One Auto Finance.

Not long after the car was repossessed, a process server showed up to Brette's home which she shared with her boyfriend and served her with papers from Capital One.

"The process server that served me wrote down that I was his wife, Brette tells me. "But I am not married and I'm still not married. I am not his wife."

Brette says because of the mistake, Capital One Auto Finance expanded the $12,000 judgment to affect her credit and not just her boyfriends.

So, she contacted 3 On Your Side for help in getting the judgment removed.

"This is something that needs to get out there because it can happen to other people."

3 On Your Side contacted Capital One Auto Finance and told a company representative about the error. 

I also asked that person to investigate the issue and to see if Capital One Auto Finance could remove the judgment since it appears Brette should not be financially responsible.

Capital One Auto Finance got back in touch with 3 On Your Side and acknowledged the mistake reportedly made by the process server. 

As a result, the company agreed to immediately fix the problem by removing the judgment.

In a statement, a Capital One Auto Finance spokesman told 3 On Your Side, "We are removing her name from the judgment immediately and apologize for the inconvenience."

The statement went on to say, "We are looking into the matter to determine what happened and appreciate your bringing this to our attention."

Brette says she is thrilled. 

"That is awesome!"  She told 3 On Your Side. "Gary Harper, you are the man," exclaimed Tamid.