Woman says Sun Valley Towing has had her car for 15 months

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX --  A Phoenix woman says her van needs a new engine, but she had no idea it would take 15 months to get it done.

She thought it would take two months, but two months she says turned into six months, six months turned into a year, and now it's been more than a year and she says she still doesn't have her van.

Frances Sanchez-Osborne is disabled but depends on a car to get to her doctor appointments.

“I have my regular doctor, I have a neurologist that I see, I see a foot doctor, I see a pain management doctor and an eye specialist and now I have to go see a cardiologist."

So, when her van starting acting up and needed a new engine, she called around for estimates and found herself talking to Sun Valley Towing.

Despite the name, they say they do install engines and agreed to do the job for Frances for around $1,100.  The turnaround time Frances says, was two months or less.

“He has had it since February 28th. Fifteen months and a half.”

You heard right, Frances' van has been here since February 2011. 

“I'm like okay, why am I still waiting?”

Frances says she gave Sun Valley Towing $400 to get started but after 15 months, she says she keeps getting excuses as to why it's not done.

“It's caused a lot of aggravation. There's a lot of times I cry, I don't get mad, I just cry (cries).”

Frances got a hold of 3 On Your Side, and we talked to Sun Valley Towing.

The owner didn't want to appear on camera but he showed us he still has Frances' van in his shop.

He told us a series of tragic events has kept him from working on cars like Frances' van, including a car accident that almost killed his wife.

He even showed us a $200,000 medical bill to prove his point.

Despite his problems though, he says Sun Valley Towing will fix Frances' van and it will be ready to drive in a week.

And he says he's doing all the work for free.

Frances says, we'll see.

"I mean what do we do. I feel like a prisoner."

The owner of Sun Valley Towing, no doubt, has had a lot of issues which have delayed Frances' work but when her van is ready to pick up, 3 On Your Side will do a follow up report.