Viral videos making headlines

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

Some wild stories are making headlines.

One of them is a police chase in Los Angeles on Monday. Police say a man who allegedly robbed a bank led them on a chase.

What caught the attention of many people, was when he drove through a neighborhood and picked up a woman as police watched. The woman jumped on the van as it was moving. Officers eventually stopped the van. The woman got out and surrendered. The driver didn't give up as quick. Police had to send a K9 after him.

Meantime, a teenager from China is lucky to be alive after she fell through a sidewalk while walking down the street talking on her cell phone.

The teen fell into a pit that was 18 feet deep. Apparently, underground erosion led to the hole opening up. Luckily, a cab driver saw the fall and jumped in the hole to the help the girl. Both had to be pulled to the surface by firefighters.

And a sea lion gives some fishermen problems. This comes from the Oregon side of the Columbia River where the guys pulled in a chinook salmon. They were getting ready to throw it back when the sea lion grabbed the net and took the fish. It nearly caused one of the men to fall in the water.