Protect your animals in the heat

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GLENDALE, Ariz.-- As we see begin to see the triple digit temperatures, the Glendale Fire Department wants to remind you to take care of your animals. It's that time of the year when many people enjoy the outdoors, and the strenuous activities in the heat can affect your four-legged friends.

Every year, hundreds of animals die from heat stroke. In 2011, three dogs died on hiking trails in Glendale. For every one incident reported, there are many more that we don't hear about. Firefighters says animals are similar to small children when it comes to their intolerance of heat.

"If you're going to take your animal out, make a plan," said Lynette Jelinek, Crisis Response Manager, Glendale Fire Department. "If you're going to take your animal out, make sure they're hydrated and take extra precautionary steps."

Jelinek says if you're going to be hiking, take extra water for yourself and your pet. Also, make sure you recognize the signs of heat exhaustion.

"If they're panting real hard, not answering to basic commands, if they're overheating.. cool them off right away," Jelinek said.

Jelinek also suggests buying your dog some doggy shoes, which could prevent major burns.

"If you put your hand on the cement for five to 10 seconds and if it's too hot for you, you're asking for your dog to get second-degree burns. Go out early in the morning or in the evening, " Jelinek said.