Want solar panels without breaking the bank to buy them?

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- To go solar or not, that is the question many of you are asking.

A couple in Surprise thought the price of panels was far out of reach, but not anymore.

"When I look at the leasing process it is much less than buying it," said homeowner Darci Nemz. "The solar company is going to maintain it, watch it and if anything happens to it they will replace it.  It was a win-win for us to lease it."

Nimz and her husband, Dave Johnson, wanted to decrease their electricity bills and save money.

The couple went with a California company, Solar City, and decided to lease the panels. The panels cost the couple around $60 to lease each month.

If their panels produce more electricity than they use each year, they will get a bonus check at the end of the year.

"My lease payment is already less than what my electric payment was," Nimz said.

Those savings come after just two months of leasing the panels.

"I don't think we'll ever regret putting on solar," Johnson said. "The utility rates will always go up there. Ours will always stay the same."

The downside could be the 22-year lease contract that also stays with the home, even if you sell it.

Also, the cost of the lease goes up slightly each year.