No sign of kittens trapped in wall; mother may have moved them

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The Arizona Humane Society believes the cats have moved out of the wall. By Mike Gertzman The Arizona Humane Society believes the cats have moved out of the wall. By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- The Arizona Humane Society believes a mother cat has moved her kittens out of a wall of a Phoenix apartment complex.

Residents at the San Marina apartments near 71st Avenue and Indian School Road said they had been hearing meowing inside the walls for more than a week. The tenants worried some kittens were trapped.

The Arizona Humane Society sent out an animal rescuer who drilled a hole in the wall on Thursday, but no cats were spotted.

Andy Gallo, an Emergency Animal Medical Technician™, spent more than two hours Friday looking for the kittens. He used a snake cam to view inside the wall, but there were no signs or cries of any felines.

"It seems there is a misconception that the cats/kittens are stuck in a particular spot within the wall, but there are actually four different apartments hearing them within the walls so they do have free roam and that is what is making this rescue more difficult," said AHS spokeswoman Bretta Nelson.

According to the tenants, the last meows were heard Thursday at about 8 p.m. or 9 p.m.

Nelson said Gallo feels strongly that the mother moved her babies during the night.

"At this time, we do not know how many cats/kittens there are or even if they are still there as they do have a way in and out of the building," Nelson said.

AHS staff talked to a plumber about using a heat sensor but were told it would be very difficult to sense a kitten's heat through drywall.

An electrician has contacted the Humane Society about infrared solutions, which could be of great use in the event the tenants hear the cats/kittens again and can pinpoint their location.

The apartment tenants will contact Gallo if the meowing returns.