Governor and GOP legislators in budget deadlock

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Gov. Jan Brewer said she's serious about not considering any legislation until a deal is reached on the budget.

Earlier this week she told legislative leaders not to send her any more bills until the budget is done.

"I think after 100 days and all the negotiations and coming to the table, to be where we're at is unfortunate," Brewer told 3TV Thursday.

Brewer has proposed an $8.9 billion dollar budget, which she said the state can afford because of a surplus.

State senate and house Republicans want a leaner budget.

Brewer said she met with leadership Thursday in hopes of coming to an agreement.

"We need to be focused on the budget, that's the constitutional thing we're charged with, and we're running out of time."

Brewer is eager to get a deal hammered out soon. She leaves Monday for Washington, D.C. to attend the U.S. Supreme Court hearing on SB 1070 - the state's controversial immigration law.

Brewer herself is named as a defendant in the suit, brought by the U.S. Department of Justice.

"I'm feeling very positive that we'll get a fair hearing and that they will rule in favor of Arizona," Brewer said.

"The good news is the 9th circuit court of appeals has been overturned more than any other court of appeals in the country," Brewer said.

The 9th Circuit Court upheld a lower court's ruling which found the key provisions of SB 1070 to be unconstitutional.

Brewer was in Scottsdale Thursday night to kick off a three-day Republican National Committee conference at the Fairmont Princess resort.