Scottsdale policeman involved in 6 kills seeks retirement

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. --The Scottsdale police officer involved in six deadly shootings over a 12-year career wants to retire.

Officer James Peters is in the midst of two investigations, one regarding his request for accidental disability, the other regarding his most recent fatal shooting.

“Officer Peters remains on paid administrative leave," said Scottsdale spokeswoman Kelly Corsette. "The investigation into the last shooting is still ongoing.”
Peters, a 12-year veteran of the Scottsdale Police Department, has been involved in a total of seven officer-involved shootings, six fatal.
The most recent happened in February. While Peters remains on paid administrative leave, he has now filed for accidental disability, which means he suffered some sort of injury while on duty that prevents him from doing his job.
“This was simply a hearing relating to a claim of medical disability so it's completely separate from the investigation in relation to the latest shooting,” Corsette said.
Neither Peters nor a representative for him was present at the hearing.
“What was decided today was that there was sufficient evidence that there might be an accidental disability,” said board attorney Michael Anthony.
Now an independent doctor appointed by the Scottsdale board of the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System will review the case.
Peters' medical history is private, but if his disability is approved he stands to collect some $4,500 a month. However if his condition improved, he recovered or was convicted of a crime, the board could take action, even revoke that pension.
“It's a pension subject to review no more often than annually by the board,” Anthony said.
Each of Peters’ previous shootings has been determined justified by both an internal investigation as well as a review by the Maricopa County attorney.
No word on when this latest shooting investigation will be concluded, but it could be a month or more before we know if the officer's requested disability is approved.