Bride says Kelly Reiter Photography finally delivers photos

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- A Phoenix woman says her wedding went off without any problems but claims that getting her wedding photos is another issue.

Wedding photography is a common complaint we get. This one has to do with a Phoenix woman who says she paid a lot of money for memorable wedding photos. But after the wedding, she says things took a turn when her photographer stopped communicating with her.

“I was excited, I was nervous, but mostly nervous because I wanted everything to be perfect,” Rachel Cerreta said.

Like most brides-to-be, Cerreta couldn't wait for her upcoming wedding day.

"I think this was an amazing day," she said.

And a big part of her planning, she says, was finding and hiring the right wedding photographer.

“Your photographer is your main memory," she said. "You have your flowers, which is amazing too, but you have pictures of your flowers and that came from your photographer.”

Cerreta said she came across a company by the name of Kelly Reiter Photography and decided to go with one of the biggest wedding packages Kelly Reiter offered, which was $2,150.

“All of your photos black and white on a CD, all of our photos in color on a CD, that also included $100 worth oF prints, it included a 16x20 canvas and three photo books,” she said.

Cerreta said her November wedding went off without a hitch and she said she received CDs full of wedding images before the eight-week deadline in the contract. But after Cerreta chose the pictures that she wanted from that those discs she claims she lost contact with Reiter.

“It's different when things are running late and you're informing me, then I'm not going to panic, but when I'm not hearing from you and no one's hearing from you, we kind of went into panic mode,” she said.

Cerreta said she tried for months contacting Reiter to inquire about her wedding photos, but Reiter stopped responding. Cerreta said that worried her, after all, she says she paid $2,150 and the most important part of her wedding package was still missing and to complicate matters she says getting a hold of Reiter remained difficult.

“I just really want the canvas and photo books," Cerreta said. "That was the big seller. That's why we chose that package from her.”

3 On Your Side contacted Reiter. She declined several times to speak with us on camera but on the phone, she told 3 On Your Side that she always intended on delivering the finished product and claims it was delayed by another company that was putting Cerreta's package together.

“They were ordered, they were ordered," Reiter said. "I can't control once they are ordered how long it will take to get to them."

Reiter also acknowledged that family and money problems also caused a delay in Cerreta's project. However, after our involvement, Reiter immediately delivered all three wedding books along with a huge canvas portrait of Cerreta and her husband, items she says she thought she would never get.

“I am relieved we got it. I am excited, I love what we have and I'm just thrilled to be done and to have everything,” Cerreta said.