Missing AZ baby's mom admissions played in court

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PHOENIX (AP) -- Jurors in the case of a would-be adoptive mother of an Arizona baby missing for more than two years heard an audio recording of the boy's biological mother saying that she suffocated him and he turned blue.

In the recording played Wednesday, Elizabeth Johnson is heard telling her on-and-off-again boyfriend and the baby's father that she killed the child by suffocating him, put his body in a bag and threw him in a trash can in San Antonio, Texas.

The baby's father, Logan McQueary, wiped away tears as the phone conversation that he secretly recorded was played.

The tape is part of the Phoenix trial against 40-year-old Tammi Peters Smith, who was trying to adopt baby Gabriel before Johnson took him to Texas.

She has pleaded not guilty to forgery and conspiracy to commit custodial interference in the case.