Sirius XM Radio to refund Phoenix Man $156

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- Joe Deasa loves a lot of different music.That's why he decided to have Siruis XM Radio installed in his car.

The car was new and it came with a free trial period for Sirius.

Joe told 3 On Your Side, "You get music, professional games, sports. I like that."

He enjoyed his free six month trial of Sirius. But when it came time to actually subscribe, Joe didn't want to and asked Sirius to cancel the service all together.

"To pay this amount of money, for something you don't use, I don't think it's necessary," Joe said.

But when Joe got his credit card statement in the mail, it showed Sirius had actually billed him $156.54 for an annual subscription to Sirius.

Joe called to find out why, and to ask if they could credit his account by put the money back.

But Sirius told him their system had eliminated his credit card information, so crediting his account was impossible.

Joe said he told the representative this: "I said, 'Hmmm, that's weird because you were able to bill us just a few days ago. But now something happened in your computer to cancel our credit card?"

Joe said Sirius offered to send him a check for the $156.54 that they billed him, but after several months and several phone calls, he still doesn't have that refund.

Joe said, "People are being taken for a ride. It's so unkind."

Joe said he grew more concerned when the Better Business Bureau's website revealed that Sirius Radio had thousands of complaints within three years and the complaints were similar to his.

"There were about 7,200 complaints in the last three years. And half of that -- more than 3,600 -- is about billing. That's more than 50 percent."

Still, the BBB gives Sirius XM an A-plus rating, mainly because they responded to all those complaints.

3 On Your Side contacted Sirius, and a company representative agreed to immediately look into Joe's account for me.

Joe said that's good, but he's still looking for his $156 to be refunded.

Joe told us, "I've almost given up that I'll ever get my money from them without your help."

After I contacted Sirius XM, Joe said he received a telephone call from the company.

He said the company needed time to locate the check they reportedly mailed him and they would try to cancel it.

Then, Joe said he received another phone call from a Sirius representative. They wanted to tell him they found and canceled the check and asked for his credit card information again. 

This time, they said they needed it to expedite his refund straight to his card.

After providing his card number, Joe said he was told the refund should be reflected in his credit card statement within the next few days.

Joe told me he's happy to have the $156 on its way, and said it probably wouldn't have happened without 3 On Your Side's involvement.