US Airways flight attendant assaulted on flight to Phoenix

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HOUSTON, Texas -- A Houston man is being hailed a hero after an another man began acting violenting on board a U.S. Airways flight.

Monday evening, Ben Harwood Rose took off on board flight #500 from the Los Angeles International Airport. He was to make a stop in Phoenix before heading home to Houston.

Mid-flight he says a man charged down the aisle and tried to ram the drink cart into the flight attendant.

"There was a guy that had grabbed the food cart and he was slamming down the passenger way," Rose told KHOU 11 News.

Rose, who was sitting in seat 4D near the front of the plane, says he stood up and took action.

"This guy is threatening my life, the life of everyone," said Rose. "I just got in his face and told him to try me if he thinks he can take me and he took a swing at me. When he took a swing at me, I ducked and he clocked me in the back of the head. It didn’t hurt. I was able to swing around and get on the other side of him and with that I was able to help tackle him."

Rose said by that time, other passengers got up and subdued the passenger.

"There were people holding him down the rest of the plane. He was trying to go crazy. Three or four dudes were holding him down until the FBI got on and the guy got off," said Rose.

U.S. Airways confirms there was an incident on board the plane. A spokesperson said a passenger became unruly and assaulted a flight attendant.

U.S. Airways says the passenger was subdued and local law enforcement took the passenger into custody upon landing.

The TSA also confirms there was a disturbance on board the flight.

As he boarded his flight to Houston, Rose said he received a hero’s welcome.

"They announced there is a hero on the plane and everyone was applauding me and shaking my hand," said Rose. "It was like really cool."