Controversial Mexican political video features children

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

EL PASO, Texas -- In Mexico, a video featuring children acting out images of the drug war has gone viral.

The kids play the roles of drug traffickers, corrupt cops and politicians.

The video features scenes ripped from the headlines that play out daily on Mexico’s mean streets.

But in this world all the victims and villains are children. Kids are criminals and corrupt cops, greedy politicians and kidnappers.

"Oh yeah. Yeah it’s really bad," said one person who lives along the border that separates El Paso and Juarez. 

The video ends with a little girl telling the presidential candidates, "Enough working for political parties rather than for us."

El Paso resident, Corina Martinez, said "If it would have been done with older people it wouldn’t have the impact."

The video has gone viral.

Reaction along the border has been strong on both sides but it’s become increasingly difficult to find the video online since the organization that produced it pulled the video off YouTube.

That happened after questions about whether the short clip violates laws that regulate campaign ads in Mexico.

It was paid for by a foundation made up of private companies and universities.

Controversy or not, one grandmother from Juarez did not believe the presidential candidates would do anything differently -- after viewing the video.


Warning: Video contains graphic images of violence: