Community mourns popular homeless man

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Robert "Bob" Vroman's body was found in a canal. By Jennifer Thomas Robert "Bob" Vroman's body was found in a canal. By Jennifer Thomas

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- For six years Robert "Bob" Vroman was a friend to Patti Eppinger-Bovaird. Six years, because his body was recently found in a canal close to where he slept.

Eppinger-Bovaird said he touched the lives of those who lived and worked near him. 

Vroman was in his mid-50s when he died. Eppinger-Bovaird said he was a kind man who rarely accepted money. A man who was fine being homeless, but still enjoyed the occasional game of checkers.

Summer Marcus, who bartends at a nearby sports bar, was also friends with Vroman. She said customers would buy him food and drinks on a regular basis. She was shocked to hear what had happened.

Police told Eppinger-Bovaird and the rest of the community they didn't believe foul play was involved, that Vroman possibly slipped and fell into the canal in the middle of the night.

Eppinger-Bovaird and Marcus disagree and believe there was more to it.

Because Vroman didn't have much, both Eppinger-Bovaird and Marcus are trying to raise enough money to give him a proper burial. If you'd like to make a donation, a memorial account has been set up at Credit Union West Bank in Peoria under Robert "Bob" Vroman.