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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

Q. When I need to move around a within document, I usually use the space bar and Enter key, but I always mess up the format. There must be a better way to do this. Thanks, Mr. M.

A. When you need to navigate through a sentence, you can use your left and right arrow keys. That will work fine for moving from character to character, but if you want to move along a bit faster than that, hold down your CTRL key while using your arrow keys. Instead of moving one space at a time, you will jump one word at a time.

If you're using the up and down arrows to move from line to line, holding down the CTRL key will cause your cursor to jump from paragraph to paragraph. For a big finish, if you hold down the SHIFT key and the CTRL key at the same time, you will select (highlight) text as you arrow along.

I have used these techniques successfully in Word, Wordpad, Notepad and OpenOffice Writer, and they should work in any word processing program you happen to be using -- the operative word being “should.”

Q. What is a vook? I heard somebody talking about it at my computer club meeting, but I didn't want to appear to be as ignorant as I am about these things. Thanks, Mr. M.

A. A vook is a new type of digital book that combines video and text that can be viewed on the Internet or via a mobile application or device, such as a Kindle, iPad or Nook. You can read your book, watch videos that enhance the story, connect with authors and your friends through social media, all without switching between apps. For complete information, where else would you turn but vook.com?

Q. How can I create a new folder or subfolder within another folder?

A. The traditional way is a bit laborious, by clicking File > New > Folder. As an alternative, using Windows Explorer, click to select a folder as it appears in the directory tree, then hold down the ALT key and carefully press the F, W, F keys. A new folder will appear.

The important thing with either approach is to begin by clicking to select a folder within which you want to create a subfolder, then click File > New > Folder or press and hold the ALT key followed by F, W, F. To rename a newly created subfolder, click to select it and press F2.

Mr. Modem's Sites of the Week

Eternal Moonwalk
A never-ending, cleverly edited Michael Jacksonesque moonwalk comprised of video submissions from people worldwide. You can't beat it.

Emergency Preparedness and Response
Hosted by the Centers for Disease Control, this site is a treasure-trove of information you hope you never have to use. Continual advisories will also keep you up to date about public health emergencies and related information required to protect and save lives. The alphabetical index of potential hazards and disasters is enough to make me never want to get out of bed. Extremely informative, in a frightening kind of way.

Track Your Happiness
This is a Harvard graduate student's research project to investigate what makes life worth living. (I hope our tax dollars aren't funding this academic drivel.) Using this site, you can track your happiness and find out what factors are associated with greater happiness. Once you register, you will be asked a few questions for statistical purposes, then “using your iPhone, you will be contacted by email or text message and asked to report how you are feeling and what you are doing at various times.” Your ultimate Happiness Report will demonstrate how your happiness depends on a number of factors, virtually all of which you would have known without participating in this dopey project. It sounds like things have changed quite a bit since I went to Harvard in the late '60s. (I had lunch there. It was quite lovely.)

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