Silver Apple Class of 2011-2012: Chris Moryl

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PHOENIX -- We head to Tempe's Compadre Academy for our next Silver Apple winner. High school history teacher Chris Moryl is a Mr. Clean-type dynamo - though he is fighting ignorance not crime.

In response to a guidance counselor's question about what he wanted to do with his life, Moryl said he hoped to make a difference. That he does every day with his 10th and 11th grade history students.

"You don't get paid top dollar to be a teacher. Every teacher that you will ever have in your life does it because they care," Moryl said. "When one of these guys comes back when they are 22 and thanks you for this or's intense."

Moryl truly cares.

"Whether it is teaching, coaching just working with young people, it's worth a zillion dollars."

We're thanking him with a Silver Apple, one of only eight awarded each year and it's not a zillion but sponsor Dr. Alex Bigham with Novocur Pain Management Clinics proudly presented him with a down payment - a check for $500.

"I'm hard on them. They're not here they know about it. I'll email you, I'll email mom, I'll call mom, I'll call dad. I want you here," Moryl said.

Moryl keeps his students' attention with the passion and humor of a star on stage.

"He is a great teacher to me. He is one of my favorite teachers I've ever had in high school," said student Daniel Smith. "He motivates me every day. He is funny, makes me laugh in class, makes it fun."

"Other teachers will just be like 'do your work' but he will talk to you and open up to you on a personal level," said student Chris Stoecker Jr. "He makes you want to go to school. He motivates you more. He makes you want to go to school. He's really cool."

Here is what else is cool. The girl who nominated Mr. Moryl couldn't be there that day but Chelsea Barker, 15, credited Mr. Moryl with changing her from a student failing every class to one who aspires to be a doctor.