3TV digs into the reputation of 'Treasure Hunters' who buy antiques for cash

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

MESA, Ariz. -- Joan Miller is ready to part with her three pocket watch cases.

“I've probably had them for 10 years probably,” said Miller.

The Illinois based company Treasure Hunters is rolling through Mesa Tuesday through Saturday.

If the employees like what they see, they will make you an offer and if all works out they'll buy your goods.

But how do you know you are getting a fair price?

“We go off the market value today. Not what they were bringing a month ago or a year ago. A lot of people get that confused,” said manager Zach Frillman.

How educated are these employees on pricing?

“The company puts you under a rigorous training that's over a month long, every single day of the week, thorough and intense training,” said Frillman.

How does an employee actually price your goods?

“We go by auction sites and data bases the company has compiled. What things are being sold for on a day to day basis,” said Frillman.

We're also told experts are just a phone call away at the corporate office to help with buying.

A company representative in Illinois told us Treasure Hunters serves 15,000 customers weekly.

In the past three years, nationwide, 15 people called the Better Business Bureau or BBB with a complaint -- all of which have now been closed.

“The good thing is they are at least responding to those complaints," said BBB spokesperson, FeliciaThompson.

The BBB encourages people to know the value of their items, before considering selling.

Thompson said the BBB has given Treasure Hunters a B+ rating. 

Like grade school, the BBB rates companies on an A through F scale.

“We provide that information so consumers can make their own educated decision to decide if they want to do business with the company,” said Thompson.

Miller said she didn't have high hopes for her trinkets.

Miller got $1.50 for her stuff.

“As far as I know after talking to the BBB in Illinois they are working to make sure their advertisements are trustworthy and legitimate,” said Thompson.