Virtual school offers unique benefits, opportunities for K-12 students

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PHOENIX -- Is your child getting what he or she needs at school? More and more parents are turning to virtual schools for their kids.

An estimated 2 million students are already taking at least some of their classes online, and that jumped is expected to jump to 10 million by 2014.

But how do you know if a virtual school is the right fit for your child?

As principal of Arizona Connections Academy Brian Rosta explained, his school, which is tuition free follows the same curriculum as a tradition school, but offers its students more flexibility in how they learn.

"What we've seen is an explosion in enrollment because it's become much more mainstream," Rosta said. "There are opportunities for students to interact with teachers immediately. ... Our teachers are constantly contacting the students and their parents."

Ria Cheruvu, a Connections Academy student, is 8 years old, but she's already studying at a seventh-grade level. As an actor working in India and Hollywood, Ria says virtual school is perfect for her.

"I love Connections Academy because it enables me to learn at my own pace," she said. "My teachers are also exceptional."

Her rapid progression would have been difficult at best if she were in a traditional school.

"We're able to customize an entire educational system for a student like Ria," Rosta said.

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