Women say Tracy the 'Matchmaker' is no match

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- 3 On Your Side is looking into a dating service called "Tracy the Matchmaker."

And like most dating services, Tracy the Matchmaker claims, for a fee, it can find you a compatible person to date. Not everyone agrees, though.

When Bette Taylor is away from work, she likes to unwind either spending time with her dog or relaxing by herself.  Following two divorces, being on her own didn't seem that bad that Taylor.

“I didn't really have any interest in dating again so basically I just kind of ignored the whole thing and went my way,” said Taylor.

That is, until one day, Bette met a woman named Tracy who ran a dating service called Tracy the Matchmaker.   

“It's been almost four years 3 ½ years. I've been alone and it would be really nice to be wined and dined again.”

What sold Bette was when Tracy promised to personally work on Tracy's file to find the perfect man.

“She said, 'Oh I have a 93% success rate with satisfied matches for people when I personally do it.'"

Bette agreed to pay nearly $2,500 to Tracy the Matchmaker for a package that reportedly guaranteed Bette eight dates.  Bette claims she received a few profiles from men with vague personal information. Bette claims she never heard from the men again. For $2,500, Bette says she was expecting a little more.

“I want my money back.  Because I have gotten nothing from them, I mean nothing.”

Bette isn't the only woman complaining about Tracy the Matchmaker. Sue Marcotte complained to 3 On Your Side about the same issue with Tracy the Matchmaker. Like Bette, Sue says Tracy the Matchmaker told her she would personally work on her file to find the right man.

“She said, 'but what else are you going to do, where do you think you'll meet people and date?'“

Sue paid Tracy nearly $5,000 for her package but claims she never went on one date for all of that money.

Sue says she tried to complain, and wound up talking not to "Tracy," but to someone who claimed to be Tracy's boss.

“I am not having buyer's remorse.  I had committed to go into this, had they provided the services they said they were going to provide.”

3 On Your Side continues to receive similar complaints regarding Tracy the Matchmaker.

When we contacted the company we were forwarded to their parent company called "Love Strong."

The owner of "Love Strong" claims "Tracy the Matchmaker" has a high success rate and was surprised so many women were saying things like this:

“Tracy was not a match maker.  She's not a match maker she's a salesperson.”

Regardless, the parent company tells 3 On Your Side it will refund Bette more than half of her $2,500 saying she was simply difficult to match up with the right person.

As for Sue, things worked out a little better after the company agreed to refund all of her money, nearly $5,000. 

Sue says it only happened because of 3 On Your Side.

“After 3 On Your Side got involved, that's when they took some action and I have been refunded my full investment.”

Despite that full refund, Love Strong and Tracy the Matchmaker claim they would have refunded the money without 3 On Your Side's involvement.