Arizona Bike Week road rage, 2 riders injured

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

CAVE CREEK, Ariz. -- Two motorcyclists were hospitalized after an apparent road rage incident that happened during Arizona Bike Week 2012 on Sunday morning.

Investigators are trying to find the driver of a SUV accused of running them off the road so they can figure out who is to blame.

Xavier Rodriguez, 41, is one of the motorcycle riders who was injured. He is in critical condition. His ex-girlfriend and father of her son, Stephanye Evans, has nothing but good things to say about Rodriguez.

"He's the kind of guy that everybody loved. You would know that if you saw the kind of motley crew of friends and family that are at the hospital trying to show their support for him right now," explained Evans.

Debris from the crash litters the desert. Rodriguez was catapulted into the air when he hit an embankment. Evans tells 3TV, the driver of the SUV began arguing with Rodriguez and another motorcycle rider over who had the right of way. The SUV driver later swerved into the lane the motorcycles were in, forcing them off the road.

According to investigators, the SUV is a black GM model but that's about all they have to go on as they try to find it and the driver. One witness did say the vehicle may have had a black license plate, but was not able to get the number.

"With us not talking to a second person, we don't know what that person was thinking.  We don't know if they know what happened. We only have one side of the story. We need to gather all the facts, figure out what happened, then take what action we need at that point," said Dep. Jeffery Sprong with Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

As for Rodriguez's prognosis, according to Evans, "He won't have any kind of quality of life if he survives this massive brain injury that he has."

For now, Evans is trying to care for her son during this difficult time. "He says to me every day, 'has my dad woken up yet, is my dad up yet?'  He doesn't realize that he's probably not going to get up."