UPDATE: Woman finally gets long awaited shutters

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- There's good news about a contractor who made off with a homeowner's $1,400. The money was supposed to be for some window treatments. But instead of doing all of the work, the unlicensed contractor took the homeowner's money and took off.

After our initial report aired, the county attorney's office tightened the noose.

"I think it worked out great, I feel great about it," Marian Ellexson said.

She said things are looking a little brighter for her now.

"It's like a relief because after a while you're thinking you're never going to get anything from this," she said.

When Ellexson was first profiled seven months ago in a 3 On Your Side report, she felt hopeless.

"I'm just very disappointed that he would have done this, you know I trusted him, gave him the money he asked for," she said.

Ellexson had given Don Tufts $1,400 for some new window treatments, specifically for a big front window. But, after doing a minimal amount of work on a bathroom window, Tufts never showed up again even though he had her $1,400.

That's when the 3 On Your Side team caught up with him at his home.

Tufts apologized for abandoning Ellexson's job and wanted 3 On Your Side to pass on a message to her.

"I'll complete the job and I'm sorry I hung you up and I'm sorry I've hidden from you," he said.

After 3 On Your Side's involvement, the county attorney's office charged Tufts with theft and ordered him to complete Ellexson's job, which brings us back to this update.

"I'm so happy to report that we did get them installed," Ellexson said.

She said it's been a long road but she finally feels like her home is complete and can put this ordeal behind her. She's also glad she contacted 3 On Your Side.

"I wanted to tell everyone that if you're ever a victim, hang in there, it's worth it," she said. "Get a hold of 3 On Your Side."

We appreciate Tufts coming through with installing those shutters and even though the job was completed he was still charged with theft and place on probation for 15 months.