Semi-trailers tossed like toys in Dallas tornado, local truckers talk about their experiences

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Even experienced truck drivers were surprised by the tornado footage from Dallas that showed semi-trailers tossed -- seemingly weightless -- into the air.

"It's Mother Nature at its best. It's bad, it's bad." said Ron Kelsey,who has been driving for more than 35 years. Although he's been through his fair share of inclement weather, he's never been in a tornado.

Ramiro Rangel, however, has.

"I felt a lot of strong wind then hail came down, no rain no nothing," Rangel said. He was in Nebraska at the time. "I was driving on the slow lane and suddenly I was on the other shoulder. How - I don't know."

Thankfully no one was hurt at the truck yard in Dallas on Tuesday, and there was no damage to any of the buildings; the trailers are a different story.

Each 50-foot trailer weighs about 15,000 pounds empty and up to 22 tons on a full load - the cost per each, $25,000.