Bizarre stop sign seems to confuse drivers

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- Just on the west side Luke Air Force Base are miles of roads maintained by the Maricopa County Department of Transportation.

But one road has something that many motorists say must be a mistake. It's a stop sign where Bethany Home gently curves and turns into Alsup Road.

Dick Beguin travels the road frequently and is puzzled by the sign.

"There's no reason for it," he said. "There's not an intersection. It's like a phantom stop sign."

Beguin and other drivers want to know why the stop sign is posted.

With no intersection and no other traffic to yield to, drivers can't figure out why this stop sign pops up on a two-lane road in the middle of nowhere.

Some motorists believe the stop sign may be a trap.

Beguin said when he first saw it while driving he thought, "What's that sign doing there? Should I stop or not stop? I look around and ask, 'Is there a motorcycle cop around here, you know?'"

Cop or no cop, not many people are paying attention to the stop sign, choosing instead to drive right through it.

While 3 On Your Side visited the area, we witnessed nearly every driver blow through the stop sign as if it wasn't even there. We witnessed only one motorist who came to a slow crawl, almost confused as to what to do.

Beguin and others say the sign may eventually cause an accident due to the confusion.

I got a hold of the Maricopa County Department of Transporation, which manages and maintains this part of the road.

A spokesperson immediately had the agency investigate and got back with me.

They referred to the sign as a "rogue stop sign" that shouldn't be there at all.

In fact, within hours of bringing the rogue stop sign to their attention, they came out to the area and removed the stop sign.

That's good news for drivers like Beguin, who won't have to ask this question every time they're in the area.

"Why is it there?"

By the way, the spokesperson for MCDOT tells me that the stop sign was installed years ago when part of the roadway in question actually continued south. However, when the stretch of road was terminated and did away with, MCDOT forgot to remove the stop sign.