Local church donates supplies to 300 elementary schools

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PHOENIX -- Christ's Church of the Valley is helping out the community in a big way. CCV is giving thousands of supplies to 300 local elementary schools. The mission is called Operation Support Our Schools and it will help 11,000 teachers and 300,000 students.

CCV founder and pastor Dr. Don Wilson said he was shocked to find out that Valley elementary teachers are in need of paper, baby wipes and tissues.

"We were talking to some of the teachers and found out that they were having to purchase these things themselves... out of their pockets," he said. "We asked, what are the most important things you need, they told us what they needed, and we said how can we help."

After discovering the need, Wilson said he turned to the community, which responded greatly. CCV members collected 15,000 boxes of facial tissues, 6,000 packages of wet wipes and 36,000 pounds of paper.

On Tuesday, the gift giving began at Constitution Elementary School.

"Every dollar that we don't have to spend on supplies like paper, facial wipes -- I mean, teachers spend close to $1,000 or more every year out of their own pocket -- this is money that just goes right back into the classroom," said Mark Oesterle, the school's principal. "This is awesome."

CCV plans to have all of the supplies handed out by the end of the week.