Arizona Attorney General under investigation

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX, Ariz -- Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne says allegations he illegally colluded with an independent expenditure committee and promised a member of that committee a job if elected are false and came from a disgruntled employee.

Sources tell 3TV the FBI is now investigating the matter, although Horne said Monday he has not been contacted by investigators.

"I have not done anything to break the law, this is an outrageous charge by a disgruntled employee who was about to be fired," Horne said.

The allegations were detailed in a complaint to the Arizona Secretary of State's office from Donnelly Dybus, a former Horne political ally who now works in Horne's Tuscon office.

In a letter to Secretary of State Ken Bennett, Donnelly writes "this complaint is necessary to bring a halt to illegal and unethical conduct by the Attorney General Tom Horne."

The complaint stems from work done by "Business Leaders for Arizona," an independent expenditure committee that funded attack ads against Horne's Democratic opponent in 2010, Felicia Rotellini.

Donnelly alleges Horne personally arranged for contributions to BLA from his sister's husband.

State law prohibits coordination between an independent expenditure committee and a candidate.

Lincoln Strategy Group consulted for BLA, and founder Nathan Sproul, is also implicated in the complaint.

Donnelly also accuses Horne of "trading in public office," by promising a job to his , and of promising Kathleen Winn, a fundraiser for BLA.

"These charges have been made by someone who was about to be fired, his work had been unsatisfactory," Horne said of Donnelly. "He knew that under the law if he made charges against us it made it harder to fire him, and it's really an outrage because he made up alot of things."

Donnelly could not be reached for comment.

Horne's opponent, Rotellini, was out of town and unavailable for comment, but chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party, Luis Heredia, said the accusations are concerning.

"The top law enforcement officer of this state should not be distracted by these allegations," Heredia said.

Nathan Sproul who heads the Lincoln Strategy Group sent 3TV this statement: 

“I did not coordinate efforts between Business Leaders of Arizona and Tom Horne, his campaign or agents of his campaign. In fact, it is just the opposite. I have never met Kathleen Winn and never communicated with her in any way. I was not involved with her in this or any other effort.”