New Travel Channel show features 'Hotel Fixer' in his element

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PHOENIX -- When it comes to hotels, few are more knowledgeable than Anthony Melchiorri, the host of Travel Channel's new show "Hotel Impossible." He's been in the hotel/resort business for more than two decades, having managed some of the biggest hotels industry.

As part of the show, Melchiorri, known as "the hotel fixer," offers hotels advice on how to make things better for guests.

"I am a hotel expert. ... I've never been on television before," Melchiorri said. "I have a passion to help people reposition their hotels. ... That's my job, to really bring what I've done in the last 20 years to these hotel owners."

At the same time, "he reveals all the secrets of the glamorous and competitive world of hospitality," and shares tips with travelers.

  • Go to the hotel's websites; that's where the deals are
  • Check out before traveling
  • Don't blame hotel staff for stealing your stuff
  • Ask for a discount rate or upgraded room when you check in
  • Have a good attitude; be polite
  • Demand free Internet and water
  • Know the different between adjoining and adjacent rooms
  • Let the hotel know what your children and/or pets like

"Hotel Impossible" premieres Monday, April 9 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel. Check your local listings for details.