Does it work: Instant Trainer Leash

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

Janet Metzner gets a pretty good workout when she goes for a walk. That's because she spends most of her walk trying to keep her dog, Sadie, from pulling too much.
“She yanks me, she pulls me,” Metzner said.
She's not alone. A lot of dog owners have the same problem with their pets.
The Instant Trainer™ Leash makes a pretty big claim when it says it instantly stops a dog from pulling.
So we took the product to Dave Namesnik, a professional dog trainer who claims to have worked with 20,000 animals over the past 30 years.
Dave put the Instant Trainer™ Leash on Monkey, his American Bulldog, to test it out.
It is hooked to the dog's collar, stretches along his back and then around Monkey's stomach.
If Monkey pulls too much, the leash gently tightens on his stomach, a reminder to him to stop pulling.
"This is just like pinching him around the waist instead of pinching him around the neck,” Namesnik explained.
He said the Instant Trainer™ Leash works on about 20 percent to 30 percent of dogs. It is actually similar to an old training method that has been around for years.
In fact, Namesnik said you can turn an ordinary leash into your own Instant Trainer™ Leash.
"If I want to create the same thing, I can put my leash under, through, and I got the exact same thing going on without the ring,” he said.
But does the Instant Trainer™ Leash work?
Well, Metzner put the leash on Sadie for us. After a few tries, she said there was a big improvement.
“Right now I'm using a two-finger tug to correct her instead of a two-hand yank,” Metzner said. “From our old leash using the choker chain, there was big difference right off the bat."
It may be hard to decide if the Instant Trainer™ Leash or the old training method of squeezing the stomach is to credit for Sadie's improvement.
Regardless, Metzner and Sadie's walks will be much more enjoyable now.
“With just the choker chain it was probably a three or a four in enjoyability for a walk,” she said. “This is definitely probably an eight or a nine walking her right now.”
So, the Instant Trainer™ Leash really does work.
Don't forget you can make your own leash for free by wrapping your current leash around your dog's stomach. But if you want to buy it, it will cost you around $20.