'Ultimate Date Coach' offers safety tips for new Facebook dating app

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PHOENIX -- Are you a single person searching for that special someone? The makers of a new app say you need look no further than Facebook. The app, Yoke, is designed to match you up with single friends of friends.

With about 7,000 new users in its first week, according to founder Rob Fisherman, the idea seems to be appealing to singles.

Yoke doesn't require users to create any special profiles or complete heavy-duty questionnaires. It relies on information you have already shared on Facebook, along with Amazon, Netflix and Spotify data, to find connections who might be compatible.

"Meet new people who share your likes and interests," the app's Facebook page invites.

The potential dating pool is virtually limitless as Yoke looks beyond its own users and is integrated with Facebook messaging.

If you see somebody who interests you, you can either message him or her yourself or ask your mutual friend for an introduction. It's seamless for Facebook users; potential matches show up almost immediately.

The app is based on how people meet in real life. It's somewhat like a friend setting you up on a date. The catch here is that you might not actually know the friend behind the setup. Be honest, do you actually know every single one of  your Facebook friends? Personally?

This raises the issue of safety, which is always an important topic when it comes to online dating.

Lea Haben, best known as "the Ultimate Date Coach," is an expert on safety in online dating and says it's really a matter of common sense and privacy settings.

"I would proceed with caution," she said. "What you want to do is only involve the people that you know.

"Don't meet with anybody unless you know who's referring them to you," she continued. "It's one thing to go on a date with a person, but who is it that's recommending them? ... Make sure they're your real friends, not your Facebook friends."

If you decide to go ahead with a date, meet in a public place during the day the first time out.

"If you're going to involve your dating life in this app, know everything you can and make sure that you all the privacy settings that you can [including disabling geotracking]," Haben said.

For more information, log on to www.ultimatedatecoach.com.