'Bully' premieres at Phoenix Film Festival

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- The movie "Bully" premiered at the Harkins Theatres in Scottsdale Friday night at the Phoenix Film Festival.

Brendan Nolan and his grandfather were the first in line to see the documentary.

"I understand what bullying does to people," said Brendan’s grandfather. "I think you'll see in the film some very heartrending parental reactions to their kids being bullied, including one kid that committed suicide."

Brendan said his school is good at putting out the bully flames when they flare up on campus.

The movie initially got an R rating.

Some say this rating will prevent the people who should see it most from being able to.

"Kids should be able to see this because things like this happen every single day and kids and parents should know what to do about it," Brendan said.

"Bully" is now being released without a rating next month in protest of the R rating.

Arizona State University senior Carter Branch said he is trying to combat bullying here in the Valley through the Internet on www.Facebook.com/MOTIVhATE.

"It’s not going to go anywhere," Branch said. "It’s almost like you need to embrace what these people say and rise above it and let it motivate you."

There have been rumors the production company behind "Bully" will chop out the curse words to get a PG-13 rating.

A spokesman for the company told 3TV Friday night that rumor is false.