Tree vs. DirecTV: Tree wins

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Griselda Herrera works hard so on her downtime she likes to enjoy TV.

“Every night I think we watch TV,” she tells 3 On Your Side. “Even weekends sometimes we stay in to watch TV.”

So when Herrera moved across the Valley to Scottsdale, she thought it would be no problem to transfer her satellite service with DirecTV to her new apartment.

“They had two technicians come out here and see if there was any signal at all and there wasn't,” she explains.

There was no signal, apparently because of a palm tree standing just outside her apartment. The tree prevented her dish from hitting the right satellite up in the sky.

Herrera said being unable to get a signal wasn't her fault, and she is certainly not the one who planted the palm tree.

So she tried to cancel service with DirecTV and go somewhere else. But DirecTV told her she was under contract with them and in order to walk away, she'd have to pay them a $400 termination or "disconnect" fee.

"’Well, that's the rules, you have to pay it,’” Herrera recalls DirecTV telling her. “And I'm not going to pay it because I never received the service!

“That's robbing you, really.  Because you didn’t receive any service,” she told 3 On Your Side. “That's coming up to you and saying, ‘Give me the money. If you're not going to give me the money, I'm going to beat you up or something.’"

Herrera said she tried to explain that she wanted to keep DirecTV but because of that tree it was impossible.

So, 3 On Your Side contacted a DirecTV agent who looked into the situation for us.

Their investigation revealed the tree prevented a good signal. As a result, they agreed to let Herrera cancel her service without being penalized $400.

Herrera said it's a big relief for her.

DirecTV was good to work with and I appreciate them resolving the issue so quickly.