What does the future hold for Ariz. child accused of murder?

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PHOENIX -- 3TV senior reporter Mike Watkiss sat down with Apache County Attorney Michael Whiting to discuss the latest chapter in the bloody and bizarre story of the young boy from the little town of St. Johns, Ariz., who, in late 2008, shot and killed his father, 29-year-old Vincent Romero, and his father's friend, 39-year-old Tim Romans.

It was a case that shocked the country -- an 8-year-old boy laying in wait and then gunning down two grown men with the precision of a mob hit man. America's criminal justice system is not designed for these kinds of cases involving such young accused killers. After months of legal wrangling, the child finally pleaded guilty to one count of negligent homicide for the shooting of family friend Tim Romans.

As part of the deal, the boy was sent to a intense residential treatment program in Phoenix and it was there that the now 12-year-old boy reportedly violated his probation with a series of alleged violent outbursts and assaults directed at the facility's staff, therapists and other residents.

Now prosecutor Michael Whiting has filed a petition to revoke the child's probation -- a move he discusses in this interview with Watkiss.