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With all of the research that I do for my segments, I come across some interesting tidbits when it comes to our beauty routines...and our bad beauty habits.  So I have been saving up a list to share and I decided that this would be the week that I admit to my own bad beauty habits and recommend some ideas that can result in a happier and healthier you.  Check out my bad beauty habit list below and my suggested solutions.   Are you guilty of any of these?

*Bad Beauty Habit #1 -- Forgetting to floss!  Floss for your smile, your heart and your brain!  Do you floss daily?  Many of us skip the floss, but be sure to do it, because regular flossing not only results in healthier gums, but better health, too.  I found multiple articles on the internet about recent studies suggesting a possible link between regular flossing and a decreased  risk of developing Alzheimer's later in life.  So do it for your teeth, your gums and for your brain.  Regular flossing may also cut your risk of heart disease, too.  And if you floss every day, your trips to the dentist will be shorter because less maintenance work will be required at the appointment.

*Bad Beauty Habit #2 - Bad hair brushing habits.  Stop detangling your wet hair with a brush.  Use a wide-toothed comb.  Sometimes I'm lazy and I don't want to go searching for a comb when my brush is handy.  But brushing my mane with a brush can cause breakage. 

I also learned an interesting tip from a professional hair stylist recently.  She told me to do what the ladies always did in the old you remember how they were always shown at night brushing their hair?  She tells me that there is a reason for that and that is when the hair is brushed nightly with a natural bristle brush, the scalp is stimulated which increases blood flow and promotes hair growth.  Plus this nightly brushing also helps to distribute your scalp's natural oils, which leaves hair shiny and healthier.  So that is why those ladies in the movies always did that!  Who knew?!

*Bad Beauty Habit #3 - Lose the big bag!  Oversized designer purses are pretty, but they wreak havoc on your neck and shoulders.  And the other problem is that we are creatures of habit, so we wear our huge handbag on the same shoulder, every time.  This results in an imbalance in the distribution of weight that our shoulders carry and that can result in neck pain, back pain and even hand pain.  So either lose the big purse for good (I did) or switch out bags and try to remember to change shoulders when carrying your purse load. 

Instead of carrying that big ol' purse, make yourself a beauty kit that can be kept in the car.  That is what I have done and my shoulder pain went away!  Woo hoo!  Watch the segment to see my cool car kit that includes emergency stuff for my smile like SuperSmile Quikee, which is an on-the-go instant toothpaste stain remover that doesn't require any brushing or rinsing.  Invented by a dentist with a web page that is endorsed by multiple celebrities, the SuperSmile line works great and I especially like the Quikee product.  More about the SuperSmile line at Another favorite item that I keep in my car beauty kit is a hand sanitizer that my kids like, too because it is called Hog Wash!  Fun name for my kids and I like it because it is infused with Dermavine, which is a combination of plant-based extracts that enhance the skin's natural repairing ability. 

*Bad Beauty Habit #4 - No sun balance.  What I mean by this is that some gals still sunbathe with little regard for our huge risk of skin cancer here in the desert, while others don't get any sun at all, resulting in a Vitamin D deficiency.  To tackle the first issue, if you must sunbathe, avoid it between the hours of 10am and 3pm, which are the hours that the sun's rays are most harmful.  Try a good self-tanner like philosophy's Here Comes the Sun Self-Tanner for the body.  This oil-free and streak-free formula dries evenly and gives a nice glow within hours of application.  Plus it contains an amino-acid complex that helps to firm and tone skin.  Sells for $28 at Sephora, philosophy stores, Nordstrom and other department stores.  As far as the Vitamin D deficiency goes, let's discuss that in my bad beauty habit #5 below.

*Bad Beauty Habit #5 - No supplements or vitamins in your diet.  I used to be really bad at this one.  Not wanting to take the time to mess with vitamins in the morning, I took nothing.  Then when I discovered that I was Vitamin D deficient, I knew that I had to start taking some vitamins.  So I took Vitamin D for one full year and I fixed my deficiency!  Woo hoo! 

Then I realized that I probably needed more vitamins in my diet, so I made a trip to Whole Foods and talked with a good expert in the supplements department.  She turned me on to a great line called Nordic Naturals.  With all kinds of vitamins like Kenai Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, Omega-3 Effervescent stick packs that turn water into an orange-flavored fish oil drink that is packed with Vitamin D3 and all kinds of multi-vitamins, I have now found a good daily supplement regimen.  For me this includes Vitamin D, a multi-vitamin and fish oil.  I have seen a definite improvement in my hair and nails (thank you fish oil), my Vitamin D levels are normal again and I have more energy.  I am so glad that I finally broke this bad beauty habit!

*Bad Beauty Habit #6 - Foot abuse!  Stop abusing your feet with unhealthy high heels and no support flip flops.  Those heels are wreaking havoc on your body from head to toe.  Problems like bunions, knee and back pain can all be blamed on high heels and those shoes that sport heels higher than one-inch high put stress on all parts of your body. 

Trust me when I tell you this because I am paying dearly for my poor choice in shoes in my 20s and 30s.  With several foot issues that now plague me, I wear orthotics and see a podiatrist when needed for physical therapy.  I highly recommend investing in a good supportive pair of flip flops made by Ortho Heel and sold at Foot Solutions stores.  That same store also sells the right kind of tennis shoes, made by Brooks and some attractive high heels that have orthotics built right in.  You need your two feet to carry you through life, so stop the abuse now!

*Bad Beauty Habit #7 - Stop unknowingly sharing your perfume!  What I mean by this is that when you hug a friend, the perfume that you sprayed on your neck rubs off on that person and your favorite scent may not be their top pick.  I had never thought of this one before!  Our show makeup artist, Karen Hall taught me this tip and it makes sense.  Now when I apply my perfume, I spray it on my wrist or the back of my neck.  I have also found that the sensitive skin around my neck area would become a little red from some perfume brands, but now I don't have to worry about that potential side effect since I'm only applying it to my wrist and to the back of my neck.

Bad Beauty Habit #8 - Forgetting your face.  Wear your night cream, exfoliate and moisturize.  It is all too easy to simply remove our makeup and head to bed, especially after a long and tiring day.  However, if you want to help your face with a good anti-aging routine that includes a healthy diet and getting a good night's sleep, then you should include the other steps.  A good face cream that I like at night is called Prevage Night by Elizabeth Arden.  This is the best face cream I've found yet that truly works with my skin's own natural repair process as I sleep.  I have seen a difference in my skin.  Exfoliating is also important to do and once or twice a week will do the trick to slough off dead skin cells and brighten the texture of skin.  And don't forget to moisturize your face every morning, especially here in our hot and dry desert climate.  Elizabeth Arden also makes a Prevage day cream.

What bad beauty habits have you changed?  Share here in the comments section and remember to check my website at for more beauty news, recipes, fitness tips, pet pics and more.