Ways the Web can save you money

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- How many ways can the Internet save you money? Well, according to www.msn.com you just might be surprised.  

We'll start with the obvious one: travel.

Airfare is a good example, but one site you might want to visit for low fares is www.kayak.com, which also looks for deals on car rentals and hotels.

And if you're just looking to rent a car, experts recommend a website called www.autoslash.com, which locks your rate in and automatically goes down if your rate goes down. It tracks it for you.

Don't forget to use your computer to compare insurance premiums. By this, we mean health, car and home insurance.

Experts recommend www.insure.com and www.insurance.com.

Looking for a house? Then you'll want to know the best interest rate out there.

www.bankrate.com has been around for years. It is easy to navigate through and it does a pretty good job of finding low rates.

When it comes to major purchases like a car, don't forget to use your computer to find a good online calculator.

For instance, before you buy a car make sure you can afford it by plugging in numbers at www.edmunds.com. Finding out ahead of time what your car payment will be could keep you from getting in over your head.

By the way, if you're looking for "free stuff," just go to www.craigslist.com. There is a "free” section where people give stuff away because they don't want it anymore and they just want it out of their house or their garage.