Creative ideas to land you a job

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- The job market may be getting better, but the number of people looking still outweighs the number of jobs available. To help you stand out in the crowd, we have a few creative resources you might want to check out.

“I knew it was going to be tough,” job-hunter Becky Papp said.

Papp found that being self-employed wasn't paying the bills. Now she's like so many others trying to find a job.

“I just wasn't making the kind of income that I needed and decided that it was time to start looking again for traditional work,” she explained.

Papp has been searching since the beginning of the year. She's tapped into all kinds of job resources from LinkedIn to a new Phoenix-based website called

“We have over 35 categories of jobs on our website,” founder Ryan Naylor said. “You have your own dashboard. You can go in and make edits, change it and you can share each résumé through social media.”

There's even a cool video résumé feature. But Naylor didn't want to launch just any job website. He created this one to help Arizona's economy by connecting local talent with local employers.

“There are several cities and rural towns in the state of Arizona that are experiencing a higher than 25-percent unemployment rate and we need to tackle unemployment and bring jobs back,” Naylor said. is just one new tool job hunters can use.

We talked to Jeff Moriarty with Improv Media about other creative applications.

“One application I'm a big fan of that most people don't consider is Dropbox,” Moriarty said. “It allows you to put files in the clouds, so you can get at them from any computer, any device.

“You can have a copy of your résumé, a professional head shot, copies of your work and then you can bring that up at any time.”

What about taking out a Facebook ad?

“So, let's say you’re looking for a job at Intel, you can take out an ad that will only display to people who are at Intel," he explained

Moriarty was even impressed with one girl's out-of-the box thinking. She dedicated a website to the person leading the search for the job she wanted.

“The person who set up the site didn't get the job she wanted, but she got another job she really loved because people just passed it around,” Moriarty said.

While there are many job applications to choose from, Moriarty said it's about focusing in on ones you like.
“Find ones your interested in and just focus on those,” Moriarty said. also gives job seekers résumé and interview tips. For more about this site log onto