Dead dog dump site angers South Phoenix residents

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas


PHOENIX -- A South Phoenix neighborhood thought they were going to get a new housing development. Instead, they got an abandoned site.

Someone is using the site at 15th Avenue and Baseline Road as a dead dog dump.

The smell is disgusting and the sights are disturbing.

Wesley Simmons works in the area and came across the dogs a few months back.

There are several dogs from shepherd, to pit bulls, to chow mixes all dead, all dropped off at the abandoned lot. Some of them are picked clean by coyotes.

Simmons trains service dogs for the blind across the street.

"For pet lovers and people who own pets, it's sad to see that someone's taking dogs and offing them out here," Simmons said.

Who knows if these dogs were killed here or just dumped at the abandoned site?

The ones 3TV spotted showed signs of abuse. A chow mix had yellow rope tied tightly around its back leg. Two other dogs had the same color rope around their legs and neck, too.

Dogs aren’t the only things being dumped.

"A cow and they've dumped horses out here," Michael Petty said. "They've dumped trash out here."

Petty lives nearby and wants someone to clean this up.

Both Petty and Simmons said they've called authorities for help.

“Everyone seems to be giving us the runaround, like no one really cares about the situation here," Simmons said.

3TV called both the city of Phoenix and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. A spokesperson for each department pointed the finger at each other as to who would be responsible for the cleanup.

The city of Phoenix sent a cleaning crew out Friday to clean up the dogs. Late Friday 3TV went out to the site and found some of the dogs were removed, but a few were left behind.

Simmons wants an animal abuse investigation opened to find out who is dumping these dogs.

Staff from the Neighborhood Services and Public Works departments inspected the property Monday afternoon and found more dead animals on the property along with trash, vegetation and animal waste.

The city has issued a notice of violation to the owner to clean up the property and remove the dead animals within seven days.

City authorities will re-inspect the property in eight days. If the property owner has not corrected the violations, the city will coordinate with the prosecutor's office to move forward with civil and/or criminal charges.